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Lomon group was awarded the "index of export foreign trade enterprises pilot China sample"

Number of visits: Date:Jan 13,2015

A: Recently, Sichuan Lomon group by the State General Administration of Customs awarded "China's foreign trade export leading index (ELT) sample enterprise" title.

"China's foreign trade export leading index (ELT)" is the impact of a monthly comprehensive index of main factors of China's exports, is an important reference to national levels of government macro-control decision-making. In order to predict the trend of foreign trade exports, since 2012, the State General Administration of customs the first official compilation and released "index" forerunner of China's foreign trade export, selected from hundreds of thousands of export enterprises in the country more than 2000 enterprises as a representative selection, through the network in the form of questionnaire, collecting foreign trade enterprises and the "discourse voice". This year's total of 2861 export enterprises of China's foreign trade export leading finalist index sample enterprises.

"China's foreign trade export leading index (ELT)" is through the macroscopic index of export processing trade, foreign direct investment, the major economies of the investment consumption and enterprise export orders, export managers confidence, export enterprise comprehensive cost changes such as micro index statistics a monthly comprehensive index synthetic, for export index over the next 2-3 months the warning in china. Was awarded the sample companies will be able to timely access to the latest information in connection with foreign trade, and will receive a series of incentive measures of customs, to win a better opportunity for the development of the enterprises. Zhao Mingjian

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