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Lomon titanium titanium dioxide through the acceptance of clean production innovation platform

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Recently, by the national development and Reform Commission to support the building of "titanium dioxide, clean production technology and process of national and local joint Engineering Laboratory Innovation Platform Project" completed acceptance. The project by the Lomon titanium industry company to undertake the construction, completion of titanium dioxide general technology research and development, new product development, "three wastes" comprehensive utilization, application and test, middle test, research and development of collaborative management platform 6. Using the development test platform, developed a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, applied for 19 patents, 6 authorized patents, which obtained the invention patent 5 items. Results 16 studies have all realized industrialization, accumulative total production cost saving 445000000 yuan; 4 new product of high-end special titanium dioxide to fill the domestic blank, achieve sales revenue 1618000000 yuan. The innovation platform to improve China's titanium dioxide of cleaner production technologies and high-end special titanium dioxide preparation technical field of the overall technological level, social economic benefits of the project significantly, is expected to achieve the goal of building.

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