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ACFTU Vice President Li Shiming and his entourage to Lomon occupational disease prevention research

Number of visits: Date:Jan 13,2015

The afternoon of October 29th, vice chairman, the ACFTU Secretariat Secretary Li Shiming (left two) rate of total national trade union labor protection department and Liaoning, Fujian, Henan Province Federation of trade unions, the relevant person in charge of a line to the Mianzhu, is the city to promote the occupation disease prevention and control of special collective contract work conducted field research. Union vice chairman Peng Chuang, Ren Yuanming, accompanied by the Standing Committee of Deyang municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee secretary, City Union president Zhang Shufen investigation.

On the afternoon of the same day, Li Shiming came to the new base Lomon group vice president, Qin Shunfu and union leaders on the occupation disease prevention related work are introduced. Subsequently, President Lee for deep into the workshop, field visits to take the company in promoting the occupation disease prevention measures, and had a conversation with the workshop staff. When understanding to the enterprise in the process of development and expansion, and actively carry out occupation disease prevention publicity, and insist on special positions by employees of earplugs, anti-dust masks and other protective equipment, Li Shiming nodded. He said, occupation disease prevention and control work needs the enterprise understanding in place, measures are in place, so as to achieve the signing of occupation disease prevention special of the purpose of the contract.

Referring to the current grass-roots trade union work, he hoped that the grass-roots trade union organizations should always focus on party, the administrative center of work, give full play to the trade union organization of the role of a bridge, for the development of enterprise cohesive force. At the same time, the requirements of trade union cadres at all levels should further change the style, the more grass-roots level, much more down to earth, and staff contact, continue to do a good job in the labor competition by the masses, improve the quality of skills of workers, harmonious development play an active role for the enterprises to realize the transformation of development, security, development, and constantly open up new prospects for the work of trade unions.

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